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Services We Offer

| Planning & Consulting | Joint Trench | Design & Engineering |
| Project Management | Due Diligence & Cost Estimates |
| Contractor Bids | Lighting Services | Fiber Optic |

Planning & Consulting
We can create a master utility plan or a concept plan for each utility, and ensure that it integrates properly with the other installation elements such as civil, architectural, and land use planning. This enables a project to proceed to subsequent phases while avoiding potentially costly design, regulatory, or construction conflicts. We can prepare and incorporate a composite drawing to further facilitate the planning process if needed.

Joint Trench
Joint Trench is an enormously complex discipline which is fast becoming an industry standard. We specialize in joint trench, and can turn what seems to be a complicated challenge into a seamless process. We integrate all the components of a joint trench project (including service applications, Forms “A” and “B”, city plan submissions, utility design, composite drawings, and contractor bid packages) into a cohesive project plan that is easily managed and executable.

Design & Engineering
We have extensive experience in designing lighting and telecommunication systems for local service providers, residential communities, and commercial developments. We work closely with our engineering team to produce the most effective, capable, and cost-efficient systems possible.
    Tarrar Utility Consultants prepares and process detailed gas and electric design approved by PG&E. Our designs conform to PG&E’s company standards. Tarrar Utility Consultants has been the leading edge in utility design since applicant design has been approved by the CPUC as a permanent option. Our expertise in this area enables us to help meet the growing and changing needs of the building industry. We provide guidance and influence over the planning and design process offering flexibility and preference.
Project Management
Clear project management and coordination of all elements and teams is essential to the success of any project. We take the communication reins and coordinate each aspect of the project to ensure all tasks, schedules, and budgets are being maintained, and all staff and contractors understand completely what is expected of them.

Due Diligence & Cost Estimates
In addition to providing cost estimates for new projects, we can perform site studies, which analyze and resolve potential discrepancies between existing utilities at a given site and proposed changes to those utilities. Our services can include a field review, obtaining as-builts from the utility companies, and interviewing essential staff at the utilities to learn as much as possible about the site. With this information, we then create a preliminary cost estimate for a realistic fiscal picture of the project.

Contractor Bids

Obtaining competitive bids is a necessary but time-consuming aspect of any project. We excel at quickly obtaining bids from multiple contractors to find the best-qualified professionals at the most reasonable prices. We have established relationships with some of the best contractors in the business and can confidently present you with multiple bids.

Lighting Services

We excel at lighting design, from street lighting to signal boxes. From the technical aspects such as photometric calculation and circuitry design, to preparing and submitting lighting plans for city approval, we can manage all your street lighting needs for any development.

Fiber Optic
We are able to meet all your fiber optic needs, including design, spotting boxes, conduit layout, and conduit charts.

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